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September 2011 Archives

Breast cancer goes undiagnosed for a year

We depend on our doctors to do what is best for us and that includes monitoring our health, often without question of their diagnoses. However, failure to diagnose certain ailments can have deadly consequences. For a Pitt County woman, her breast cancer went undiagnosed for a very long time and could have cost her life.

Medical error leads to suit after horror in the delivery room

For the majority of North Carolina residents, the birth of a baby is a miraculous and joyous occasion. Most new parents are so excited while going through the labor and delivery process that they become blind to the fact that things can go wrong. When parents consider the possible problems that can occur in the delivery room, they rarely consider that those "difficulties" can come at the hands of hospital staff.

Victim of medical malpractice dies - Doctor is repeat offender

For residents of Pitt County, like people all over the United States, surgery can be frightening. In fact, a large number of people find visiting the doctor to be an upsetting experience in general. Also, with the sheer quantities of medical malpractice concerns in the United States alone, who can blame them?

Hospital negligence and hospital error are exploding phenomena

A Pitt County woman recently had a close call in a hospital. If not for her own firmness and mental acuity, she could have been operated on unnecessarily. Although her own aptitude allowed her to avoid worse circumstances, it appears she was a victim of hospital negligence and hospital error.

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