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October 2011 Archives

Murderer's relatives file medical malpractice suit

In Pitt County there is often cause for a malpractice or a wrongful death suit when a life is lost at the hands of someone's negligence. However, it is rare to see the relatives of a convicted murderer file a medical malpractice suit related to the murders. A Charlotte family is seeking damages against the hospital that sent a man home, who murdered three family members right after his release.

Hospital negligence cited in patient's horrific death

Residents of Pitt County may be interested in a recent California incident that calls into focus the issue of hospital malpractice. An employment dispute has been brewing for some time between Alta Bates Summit Medical Center and its nursing staff. The frustrated nursing employees walked out for a one-day strike on September 22. Rather than permit the nurses to return to work the following day, the hospital retaliated by locking the nurses out for five days. Temporary replacement nurses were hired to work during the lockout. It is alleged that this labor dispute led to a horrific hospital error.

Failure to diagnose heart failure leaves infants without mom

Medical malpractice suits in Pitt County as well as other parts of the state are not uncommon. Doctors and hospitals sometimes make a mistake which cause injury to their patient or at times even causes their death. In a recent medical malpractice case in McDowell County, a man sued several doctors and McDowell Hospital, claiming their failure to diagnose and properly treat his wife caused her death.

Failure to diagnose celiac disease is a common doctor error

"I became very ill. They hospitalized me and after two weeks they came to the conclusion that I had celiac [disease]," explained a Pitt County woman. She is one of the fortunate ones, because about 3 million Americans suffer from celiac disease but are unaware of it due to failure to diagnose accurately or other reasons.

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