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December 2011 Archives

Doctor error report reveals new insight into problems

When Greenville residents go to the doctor or to the hospital they expect quality care. For the most part, that is what they get. But studies have shown that nationwide, doctor errors and other forms of medical malpractice continue to occur and in some areas, the occurrences are alarming. An example comes from a study conducted in Indiana.In 2006 the Indiana State Department of Health started gathering data on medical and doctor error reports from hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, abortion clinics and birthing centers. The reason this was started was because their governor issued an executive order requiring the study to help stem medical error problems that were going on within the state's health care system.

Newborn left for dead survives, family sues doctor

A doctor in Tennessee decided that a newborn baby was not going to survive the immediate aftermath of birth, and without consulting other hospital staff, placed the baby in a plastic bin "until the family could decide what to do with the body," a lawsuit by the baby's family stated. Medical negligence is being cited in the suit, as well as injuries suffered by the baby as a result of the doctor's actions.

Hospital negligence may be to blame in North Carolina man's death

Patients trust healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, with their very lives. That is why a health care professional must perform their job diligently and competently with a due regard to patient safety. Unfortunately, medical malpractice is all too common a problem, and it often adversely affects someone's life and can even result in wrongful death. It is this lack of diligence that appears to be the catalyst behind the recent death of a Fayetteville man.

Doctor errors: Is enough being done to avoid them?

Greenville residents may have heard of a new system of reporting medical errors implemented at a large clinic in North Carolina. This new procedure for flagging medical errors has resulted in a significant jump in the number of reported doctor errors as well as other mistakes. The system is anonymous and emphasizes a lack of punishment for doctor negligence.

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