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February 2012 Archives

Boy survives frightening medical mishap

Losing a child is one of the most devastating events that could happen to North Carolina parents. One couple was beginning to grieve the loss of their 7-year-old son when a strange turn of events revealed their son was actually alive. A doctor error made the couple believe they had lost their child.

Military attempts to improve brain injury diagnoses

North Carolina military families have been asked to give a lot, especially if their loved one has been deployed overseas in recent years. The battlefield poses plenty of health risks, but now the army is trying to do some damage control with their failure to diagnose instances of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Though brain injuries can be hard to diagnose in the field, military doctors are now taking action to be precautious.

Many catheter infections could be prevented

Federal health officials recently released a report covering state-by-state statistics regarding central line catheter infections. The biggest revelation was that there is a wide discrepancy between the risks of contracting a blood infection, due to unsanitary medical devices, from one state to another. Health professionals say that many of the patients that suffer from fatal infections were due to hospital error. The hope is that this data will be used to improve patient care in North Carolina and nationwide.

Forgetting common medical tasks proves costly

Not every instance of medical malpractice involves a single catastrophic mistake. In fact, some small medical errors can amount to significant problems for patients. When doctors and other medical professionals forget to do routine things, major problems can occur. North Carolina patients are entitled to feel safe when they are being treated for their ailments. Many instances of medical malpractice could be prevented if medical clinics and hospitals would install simple safety measures.

Epidural-related fever could lead to injury during Greenville births

Having a newborn baby is one of the most precious times in a mother's life, and one of the most important in the child's. A mother and her child create inexplicable bonds during the first few weeks as the child lies near the mother's heart, feeling it beat.

Untrained doctors performing plastic surgery

When we walk into a doctor's office and see all their diplomas and certifications tacked to the wall, we usually begin to trust them. However, in reality, those certificates might not provide the assurance you need. Throughout the U.S., many doctors are offering plastic surgery services, even though they are not trained plastic surgeons and it is leading to a series of unfortunate doctor errors. People in North Carolina considering plastic surgery should make sure their doctor is a trained plastic surgeon in order to reduce the chance of mistakes.

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