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March 2012 Archives

Unnecessary medical procedure causes woman's paralysis

Anytime medical professionals are dealing with a patient's brain they must exercise tremendous caution and be sure not to be unnecessarily invasive. The slightest doctor error during a procedure performed on the brain can leave a person's life permanently altered. North Carolina patients should be able to expect their physicians to provide the highest level of care when dealing with particularly sensitive areas of care.

Parents file malpractice suit for failing to monitor baby's heart

North Carolina mothers with relatively uncomplicated pregnancies probably don't expect things to go wrong during birth. Unfortunately, one family is dealing the consequences of apparent medical negligence that caused their son to develop a form of cerebral palsy. In response to the doctor's failure to pay attention to the baby's slowing heart rate, the family has filed a medical malpractice claim against their health care providers.

Patient's wife sues after doctors fail to diagnose blood clots

A woman was shocked when her husband died only days after he was discharged from the hospital. When doctors claimed they could not explain why the 46-year-old man was suffering from lower back and side pain, he was sent home. Unfortunately, he was rushed to the hospital just over a week later and died from pulmonary embolisms, blood clots in the lungs, that were weeks old. This is a nightmare scenario that every North Carolina family dreads.

Unnecessarily inducing labor increases risk of complications

Expecting mothers rely on their physicians to provide them with advice that will help to make sure that their baby arrives without any issues. After all, bringing a new baby into the world is one of the happiest moments for Greenville, North Carolina, mothers and fathers.

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