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April 2012 Archives

Migraine misdiagnosis leaves woman paralyzed

One bad judgment call can leave an entire family completely devastated. This is what happened to one woman and her family after there was a failure to diagnose a hemorrhagic stroke. Unfortunately, the doctor diagnosed the woman with a migraine and she was left paralyzed. A scenario that represents every North Carolina family's worst fears has become a reality for this unsuspecting woman.

North Carolina malpractice rates have people seeking quality care

Over the last dozen years or so, North Carolina state health officials have tried to do something about alarming rates of medical malpractice in the state's health care institutions. Unfortunately, the rates of such incidents remain high and have not shifted down at the pace many would like to see. A study released by The New England Journal showed that 20 percent of North Carolina patients receive some sort of injury as the result of medical mistakes.

Hospitals fail to report post-surgery infection rates

Undergoing surgery can be a very scary experience for residents of North Carolina. Even routine or planned procedures can be nerve-wracking for patients. The fear of falling victim to a surgical error is legitimate. However, when doctors act wisely and carefully, it can put individuals at ease.

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