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May 2012 Archives

Fatigued medical residents at higher risk of making errors

North Carolina residents who are closely tuned into television medical dramas get the feeling that young doctors are often asked to work incredibly long hours during their first few years in practice. Despite the glamorization that occurs on the TV screen, the effects of this habit can be devastating.

Man sues anesthesiologist for costly surgical error

For many North Carolina residents, making the decision to undergo a major surgery can be very difficult. In some cases, the nature of the treatment may be difficult to deal with or the associated risks can serve as a deterrent. One man has been forced to deal with the life-altering consequences of a surgical error, but is now taking steps to right the wrong.

Study: Some fertility treatments increase risk of birth defects

Advances in fertility technology offer hope to North Carolina couples who have difficulty conceiving a child on their own. Raising a child can bring a lifetime of happiness to any couple, so many will take medical measures to make that desire possible. However, a recent study uncovered a greater risk of pregnancy complications for those who undergo fertility procedures.

Inaccurate ultrasound causes infant to suffer brain damage

After nearly four years, a 34-year-old mother has final found justice for the brain injury her son sustained during birth. According to the woman, her doctor took an ultrasound and told her that her son had died. Shortly thereafter, other hospital staff members took an ultrasound and detected a heartbeat. This news would encourage most North Carolina parents, but the consequences of the misdiagnosis were unfortunate.

Settlement reached in birth injury case against midwives

A couple has finally found some measure of justice against two midwives who improperly delivered their child. In the course of birthing the baby, the midwives' medical negligence caused the infant to suffer permanent brain damage, forcing this North Carolina family to live out a scenario no family should have to endure. Recently, the family was awarded $5 million in an out-of-court settlement.

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