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June 2012 Archives

Advocates identify markers of shoulder dystocia during labor

When parents welcome a new child into the world, it is undoubtedly one of the happiest days of their lives. Leading up to the big day, parents do all they can to avoid pregnancy complications to ensure that the delivery will go smoothly. Unfortunately, health care providers do not always do all they can to prevent serious issues from arising.

Medication allergy spurs brain damage, medical malpractice claim

North Carolina patients may consider consulting with multiple doctors in order to get the most accurate diagnosis of their medical condition. At some point, patients believe that the multiple opinions increase their chances of finding a positive resolution to their ailment. Unfortunately, one woman is now permanently disabled due to doctor error at three different hospitals.

Family denied insurance claim for child born with cerebral palsy

Understandably, expecting parents want their child's birth to happen without any hitches or complications. Desiring to be a good parent is enough for North Carolina residents to worry about at birth. Yet a preventable medical error during labor can turn a new parent's world upside down. In addition to medical expenses, such errors can cause a lot stress and grief for families.

Clerical error, cancer misdiagnosis cause woman to lose organs

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is almost always a terrifying experience for North Carolina residents and their loved ones. The journey through treatment is often long, painful and draining. It seems hard to imagine going through a radical cancer treatment, only to find out that it was entirely unnecessary.

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