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July 2012 Archives

Court rules jury was biased in birth-related brain injury case

Nothing is more frustrating than being treated unfairly and not being able right that wrong. Though one family had to spend years in court, they are finally able to move toward justice with their son's medical malpractice case.

Doctors diagnose 12-old-boy's fatal infection as 'upset stomach'

Just hours after receiving a benign medical diagnosis, no parent wants to hear that their child is actually dying. A doctor's failure to diagnose sepsis, a blood infection, led to a young boy's tragic death. Now, the boy's loved ones are seeking answers -- and justice.

Man's tumor goes undiagnosed, North Carolina laws limit options

The only thing that could make a kidney tumor diagnosis more difficult to handle is the knowledge that it should have been identified two years earlier. This was one North Carolina man's experience. Though he was able to have the tumor removed, medical records revealed that his doctor could have made the diagnosis years earlier, but failed to do so.

Mother waits 2 hours for emergency C-section, doctors held liable

North Carolina's medical facilities are expected to provide timely emergency medical treatment in order to prevent a devastating medical error. Unfortunately, when medical providers do not act quickly enough, their mistake can lead to a permanent medical injury.

Electronic medical records reduce frequency of doctor errors

Anytime medical advances are made, patients stand to benefit. However, a significant number of doctors have been apprehensive to adopt one of the more recent innovations in medical technology: electronic health records. Though this seems like a common sense solution to help North Carolina residents and their doctors, many have assumed that the implementation of the technology could increase the risk of medical malpractice claims.

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