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August 2012 Archives

Negligent prenatal care led to premature birth, brain injury

After years of dealing with the effects of ill-advised medical treatment, the parents of twins, who are both teenagers now, may finally be able to feel more at peace. The night that her daughters were born, the mother was given Benadryl and sent home. Unfortunately, the doctors failed to recognize that she was going into labor and required immediate medical attention.

Philanthropist's mysterious death was result of overprescribing

Readers in North Carolina may be aware that Michael Jackson's physician is up against serious legal consequences for prescribing a lethal combination of sedatives to the legendary pop star. A more recent case may remind many of what happened to Jackson. Recently, the family of a noted philanthropist, Phyllis Harvey, is suing her psychiatrist for medical malpractice and wrongful death.

Medical malpractice: Can too much treatment be a problem?

Every time North Carolina residents visit their physician, they go to the medical clinic with the expectation that their doctor will be thorough and effective, yet cautious. However, in an effort to be exhaustive to reach a diagnosis, doctors may be doing too much, which can lead to serious medical mistakes.

Award for lack of prenatal testing exceeds state malpractice cap

When expecting mothers feel as though something may be wrong with their child, they likely do the right thing by visiting their physician. When doctors provide reassurance that everything is fine, North Carolina patients should be able to trust that diagnosis.

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