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November 2012 Archives

Doctors fail to conduct tests, young woman dies from blood clots

When a person visits a hospital with a legitimate medical concern, it's expected that doctors will take note of their patient's symptoms and investigate them thoroughly. Readers in Greenville may be shocked to hear of one hospital's apparent failure to heed a patient's concerns, which ultimately resulted in her death.

Study links antidepressant use to pregnancy complications

When dealing with pregnant patients, doctors should be especially mindful of the treatments and medications they prescribe. As expecting North Carolina parents know, developing children are particularly sensitive to any changes in their mother's health, which is why thoughtful prenatal care is so important.

Study confirms concerns of diagnosing, overtreating breast cancer

Anyone in North Carolina who has received a cancer diagnosis knows how scary and confusing the experience can be. As many women are concerned about the threat of breast cancer, it's not uncommon for many to go through regular mammograms and receive treatment in accord with the test results.

Innovative brain surgery technique could reduce doctor error

These days, it seems as though a new 3D movie is being released every week. Though this technology provides increased entertainment value in movie theaters, it could soon save the lives of North Carolina surgical patients by reducing the risk of surgical error and brain injury.

Keeping an eye on troubled physicians

It's not surprising that doctors sometimes have substance abuse or mental health problems, and it is equally unsurprising that the medical profession would rather deal with these physicians internally. Troubled doctors are sometimes monitored by what's called a Physician Health Program. Colorado is one state that has one, and a leader of that program says reduces the risk of malpractice claims by 20 percent.

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