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December 2012 Archives

Surgical errors: 'Never events' continue to dog operating rooms

When North Carolina residents are preparing for surgery, they usually take it very seriously. As such, they often make sure they have made preparations for the day of surgery and the subsequent recovery. Namely, they may ensure they have someone to take them home from the medical center and pick up prescription medications.

Study reveals impact of uniform protocols on birth injury rates

After spending two years following standardized protocol in prenatal care, 14 hospitals found that the frequency of birth injuries dropped markedly over that time. In fact, one North Carolina health provider was at the forefront of the health-care initiative.

Officials raise concerns of cognitive damage caused by anesthesia

Recently, a group of physicians warned against the potential dangers of administering anesthetics to children. The cautionary message brought new light to concerns of brain injury and damage that can occur when physicians do not properly weigh the risks of going forward with certain medical treatments, which is likely a concern for all parents in North Carolina.

Complications of unnecessary medical tests may be hard to swallow

Although many readers in Greenville may assume that nearly all medical malpractice cases involve a doctor's failure to take necessary action, a battery of recent reports have revealed the dangers of doctors providing too much treatment. Researchers from the American College of Physicians suggest that a common test for acid reflux is overused and may have unintended side effects.

Study: North Carolina doctors can do more to prevent early births

According to the March of Dimes' annual report on premature births, North Carolina and the nation as a whole have both received passing grades. Families in Greenville may be relieved to hear that our state is not at the bottom of the heap; however, there is much that can be done to improve the "C" grade North Carolina received by working to prevent pre-term births.

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