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February 2013 Archives

North Carolina mom breaks silence after medical malpractice claim

When dealing with a medical malpractice claim, it's likely that the physician or hospital named in the suit wants to resolve the issue quickly and mitigate the repercussions. When looking to resolve claims for hospital or doctor errors, medical providers often include a confidentiality agreement in the settlement, which forces injured patients and their family to stay quiet about the incident. After losing her 6-year-old son due to a misdiagnosis, one North Carolina woman is looking to help others understand their rights after accepting a settlement.

Untreated preeclamsia isn't a pregnancy complication of the past

With every advance in medicine, it seems as though expecting mothers in Greensville are able to better plan every step of their pregnancy and the first weeks of their child's life. However, as many can attest, an unexpected pregnancy complication or injury forces parents to cast aside many of those plans and seek trustworthy medical assistance, which may not be enough.

Failure to diagnose cancer after mammograms remains problematic

It's likely that everyone in North Carolina has somehow been impacted by a cancer diagnosis, whether it was their own or that of a loved one. Understanding how difficult it is to hear news about cancer, it's almost unimaginable how challenging it must be to find out that a trusted physician failed to diagnose the disease.

Medical malpractice: What is informing your doctor's decisions?

North Carolina doctors spend years in school and residency to prepare for years of critical decision making. The hope is that doctors will gain the experience necessary experience to provide help to patients through well-informed diagnoses and treatments.

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