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April 2013 Archives

Birth injury case finally succeeds on appeal

When something goes wrong during child birth, it may be difficult to know where to turn or what to do next. Of course, seeking medical attention for the child and mother is the first step, but many North Carolina resents may wonder what they should do if the injury is the result of a preventable error.

Appeal favors North Carolina patient in surgical error case

After consulting with several doctors and failing to receive a proper diagnosis for chronic pain and numbness in his arm, an over-the-road trucker turned to a North Carolina hospital for answers. Although the man sought out Duke Hospital for its reputation, he became the victim of medical negligence.

Program seeks to reduce dangerous early-elective births

Expecting parents in North Carolina may have the desire to schedule every aspect of their pregnancy down to the day. This is why many mothers have become part of the trend to induce early labor to fit into their schedules, rather than having an educated medical reason for giving birth early.

Surgeon may have exposed thousands to HIV, hepatitis infections

Readers in North Carolina may have heard about a recent health scare that may affect as many as 7,000 people. In another state, those who were treated by a long-time oral surgeon could have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis as a result of the doctor's office failing to abide by standard safety practices.

Cancer misdiagnosis costs teen his arm, but he keeps on fighting

Doctors undergo years of training in order to make sound decisions based on their medical observations. Yet when medical professionals don't exercise enough caution, they can overlook critical details and lifelong consequences can follow. Many North Carolina families have had to deal with the pain and costs of a failure to diagnose a serious medical condition.

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