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June 2013 Archives

Doctor error sometimes results in overlooking a case of diabetes

It's a condition that's often mistaken for something else. Parents and doctors may think it's something like the flu or an eating disorder and misdiagnose it. If the mistake is not discovered, the patient could die. The condition in question is type 1 diabetes, and many times doctor error results in it being diagnosed as something else before it's recognized for what it is. By then, it's often too late.

Are brain injuries more common in soccer than football?

There’s been a lot of focus lately on the long-term effects of concussions sustained by football players, but researchers are discovering that football is not the only sport that is a danger to the brain. In a study released recently, researchers have determined that repeated “heading” of a soccer ball could lead to abnormal brain scans and difficulty in successfully performing memory tests.

Blood test may reduce birth injuries from gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes can result in a host of birth injuries, including pre-term labor, respiratory distress syndrome, and low blood sugar in newborns. Unfortunately, all too often, women's risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy is often higher regardless of how well they care for themselves. The good news is that Japanese researchers have been working on using a blood test that can determine which women may be at a higher risk for developing gestational diabetes.

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