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July 2013 Archives

Failure to diagnose is most common medical malpractice claim

New research shows that missed diagnoses are the most common medical malpractice claim and that doctors fail to diagnose cancer and heart attacks in adults more often than other ailments. Appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy and bone fractures are also commonly missed diagnoses among adults. Among children, meningitis and cancers are most often missed.

Study finds link to cerebral policy risk among newborns

Whenever a baby is born with a serious medical condition, such as cerebral palsy, parents have questions. Some may wonder how it happened. Others may wonder if there was something either they or their medical providers could have done differently to prevent the condition from having occurred.

Parents allege medical malpractice caused teenage son's death

When a serious medical condition goes untreated due to a doctor error, the result can be tragic. This may have been the case for a teenager who passed away in 2008. A lawsuit brought by the boy's parents alleges that their son's death was a direct result of medical malpractice. The Georgia Supreme Court recently decided to hear the parents' appeal to have their case heard in a jury trial after a lower court found in favor of the physician.

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