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September 2013 Archives

New study shares statistics on medical error deaths

As patients in North Carolina know, medical errors are sadly common in hospitals around the country. Researchers conducting studies on medical errors hope to shed light on how many deaths are the result of medical errors every year. Over the years, different methods used to calculate the number of medical errors have resulted in very different estimates.

Veterans' malpractice judgments reach 12 year high

North Carolina residents may have heard about a 49-year-old former Marine who went to a veterans' medical facility in 2007 to have some teeth extracted and was left permanently incapacitated. He and his family received $17.5 million in a medical malpractice judgment, which was one of the largest against the Department of Veterans Affairs in 12 years. The settlement was one of several hundred payments totaling $91.7 million made by the U.S. government last year in an attempt to take care of VA malpractice claims.

Family sues after hospital throws out organ donation

Many North Carolina residents may have already heard about the medical malpractice case that occurred recently in Ohio involving a mistakenly discarded donor organ. A family has initiated a lawsuit against the University of Toledo Medical Center claiming that hospital negligence led to one of its nurses throwing away a kidney that had been donated by a 21-year-old brother to his 24-year-old sister, who was suffering from end-stage renal disease.

U.S. veteran files suit for HIV misdiagnosis

North Carolina residents might be interested in a case occurring in a Kentucky court involving a man who was misdiagnosed with HIV back in 2004. The 43-year-old veteran had been taking up to 15 powerful drugs as prescribed by his doctors. Additionally, he had been following their advice by only having sexual relations with individuals infected with the HIV virus.

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