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December 2013 Archives

Routine surgeries still carry risks

The recent case of a teenager who went into cardiac arrest and was declared brain dead after a routine tonsillectomy brings to light the rare but serious problem of life-threatening surgical complications. In North Carolina and across the United States, complications from routine medical procedures can happen because of a patient's response to bleeding, anesthesia or other factors. This is why patients sign consent forms before any surgical procedure. However, sometimes complications are caused by doctor error.

Medical negligence cited in stillbirth lawsuit

A North Carolina woman recently filed a stillbirth lawsuit against several health care providers citing negligence during childbirth. The suit was filed in the Davidson County Superior Court and targets Wake Forest Baptist Health at Lexington Medical Center, Piedmont Women's Healthcare and specific staff members employed at those institutions.

Brain injuries may still be evident even after symptoms subside

North Carolina patients who suffered a severe concussion may be interested to learn that the brain injury can still be evident even after the symptoms subside. According to a new study, the evidence of a brain injury can be seen using diffusion tensor imaging, or DTI, which is a specialized MRI brain scan.

Ethical dilemmas and doctor errors

When doctors in North Carolina or across the nation make a mistake related to their field of practice, other medical professionals are often aware of it. That's because they are often the ones who need to correct the doctor error. Mistakes can include accidental punctures, removal of the wrong body part or operating on the wrong organ.

Army veteran awarded $8.3 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

North Carolinians may have read about a federal court granting an Army veteran $8.3 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against John Cochran VA Medical Center. The lawsuit followed a routine procedure that led to the longtime Missouri postal worker suffering severe brain damage and losing a leg.

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