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March 2014 Archives

Woman sues after getting pregnant

North Carolina residents may be interested in the case of a woman who is suing her doctor after a tubal ligation failed to prevent her from getting pregnant. Her baby was born with sickle cell disease, which was something that the woman knew was possible and that led to her decision to have a tubal ligation.

Diagnosis issues top list of reasons cardiologists are sued

North Carolina readers might be surprised to learn that diagnosis problems topped the list for most common lawsuits filed against cardiologists. A physician owned insurer, The Doctors Company, examined 429 cardiology claims filed between 2007 and 2013. According to the report, the leading cause of cardiology-related lawsuits were issues with diagnosis such as delayed diagnosis, wrong diagnosis and failure to diagnose.

After criminal case, doctor faces civil lawsuits

North Carolina residents may be interested in a case that involves health care fraud in New York. A Poughkeepsie orthopedic surgeon pleaded guilty to health care fraud and was sentenced in federal court to 54 months in prison, fined $250,000 and ordered to pay restitution of $5 million for false insurance charges. According to federal prosecutors, the physician provided information that was false over a period of five years. His medical practice billed more than $35 million and he was paid $7.5 million. According to the doctor, he started falsifying claims two years after he joined the practice due to what he described as greed and insecurity.

Family of injured boxer starts lawsuit for medical malpractice

Residents of North Carolina may have heard that the family of a Russian boxer who received injuries in a bout intends to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice after it was declared that he is bedridden and may never walk again. Magomed Abdusalamov competed in a vigorous fight in Madison Square Garden on Nov. 2, 2013. During the fight, Abdusalamov suffered a broken hand and jaw. His competitor landed 312 punches, some of which hit the fighter's head.

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