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April 2014 Archives

Medical professionals' drug use jeopardizes patients

North Carolina residents may be surprised at the level of drug use by medical professionals while on the job. According to a recent report, it is estimated that more than 100,000 medical workers are abusing or addicted to medications, and each impaired caregiver has the potential of injuring thousands of patients. However, it is difficult to detect or prevent drug abuse since many health care facilities do not have drug testing requirements or take immediate disciplinary action when a practitioner is suspected of being impaired.

Court gives family permission to sue hospital

A court has declared that the family of a woman who apparently froze to death in a morgue can go ahead with their lawsuit against the hospital. Previously, a different court had ruled that the family had filed the lawsuit too late. North Carolina residents may have heard about the medical malpractice case, in which the family is claiming that the California woman was prematurely declared dead by the hospital staff and put into the morgue while she was still alive.

Family files lawsuit over boxer's injuries

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent case concerning a boxer injured in a November 2013 match in New York City. The family of the Russian heavyweight fighter believes that, after the fight, doctors assigned by the New York State Athletic Commission to the match did not provide the medical attention the fighter needed and that such doctor negligence contributed to the fighter's condition worsening and, eventually, caused him to fall into a coma.

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