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May 2014 Archives

$40 million lawsuit filed in birth injury case

North Carolina readers might be interested in the details of a $40 million medical malpractice lawsuit filed in an Oregon court. The suit alleges that hospital doctors and staff were negligent during the birth of a baby boy who was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. According to the complaint, the boy was born at 8:31 a.m. on Dec. 12, 2007. He was 15 days overdue and hospital staff had increased the mother's dosage of labor inducement drugs for 11 hours before telling her to start pushing. The baby's heartbeat dropped to a rate of 60 beats per minute for a period of six minutes, according to the medical malpractice attorney hired by the family.

Woman sues doctor and hospital over forced C-section

Greenville residents may be interested in a recent lawsuit that was filed by a New York woman against the doctor that delivered her third child. The lawsuit accuses both the doctor and the hospital involved in the 2011 delivery of her third child of medical malpractice.

Study says more than 400,000 die each year from medical errors

A new study concerning medical errors may catch the attention of Greenville patients. According to an analysis performed by a toxicologist and published in the Journal of Patient Safety, as many as 440,000 patients die each year as the result of a hospital error. The study indicates that medical mistakes account for the third biggest cause of death in the country.

Brain injuries may be caused before labor begins

Traditionally, many North Carolina parents who have children born with brain injuries assumed that a loss of oxygen during the birth was the cause. However, a report that was released on May 7 indicated that this may not always be the case. Experts in associated fields determined that there are other conditions that can occur even before pregnancy that may cause a child to suffer brain injuries.

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