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What is the biggest reason doctors are sued?

Some people put their lives into their physicians' hands when they visit a hospital or medical office. In some instances, though, these medical professionals don't live up to their expectations. When a doctor or medical staff acts negligently and causes a person to be injured, the injured party may file a lawsuit to recover compensation. North Carolina residents may want to know, however, that it's not surgical errors or even prescription mistakes that make up the majority of lawsuits. It's failure to diagnose.

Statistics of cerebral palsy occurrences

Cerebral palsy is an abnormal brain development or the result of damage caused to a developing brain, affecting the ability of children to control their muscles. Parents in North Carolina should know that the disorder can happen prior to, during or following birth, usually within the first month or years of life.

How medical errors affect North Carolina patients

In a recent highly publicized example of medical error, a Dallas hospital sent home a seriously ill patient who had a travel history to areas of West Africa where the Ebola outbreak has taken thousands of lives. This serious medical error may have been caused by a flaw in the hospital's software system that did not relay the travel history to all medical personnel. These kinds of medical errors can also happen in North Carolina.

Who may be held liable for a birth injury?

A birth injury is any injury or harm done to a baby during or immediately after the delivery process. This is different from a birth defect that may occur during pregnancy due to factors not related to the delivery process. A birth injury is usually caused by a complication during birth that was not corrected or accounted for by the physician overseeing the birth. When a person chooses to file a lawsuit for a birth injury, they must prove that an involved party's negligence contributed to the injury. Some birth injuries are unavoidable, and simply the occurrence of an injury is not grounds for a successful lawsuit.

How is cancer diagnosed?

Residents of North Carolina may be interested to learn about how cancer is diagnosed. Although a lump may be found with imaging or during a physical exam, this evidence alone will not tell a doctor that the patient has cancer. Upon further testing, most tumors that grow in the body are found to be noncancerous.

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