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November 2014 Archives

Younger stroke patients may be misdiagnosed

Young North Carolina patients who have suffered a stroke in the past or who are at risk for suffering a stroke should know that a 2009 study revealed that emergency room staff may misdiagnose patients. Because it is extremely important that those suffering from a stroke are properly diagnosed as soon as possible, a misdiagnosis could keep the patient from receiving the emergency care that they need.

What is Erb's palsy?

Also called brachial palsy, Erb's palsy is a birth injury to a baby's brachial plexus, a nerve cluster that runs through the baby's arms from the spinal cord. Parents in North Carolina may not know that this injury occurs most often when too much pressure is applied to the baby's shoulder, neck or head during a difficult delivery. The use of vacuum devices or forceps could also cause the brachial plexus to stretch too far, tearing or rupturing the nerves, when too much pressure is applied.

What is a placental abruption?

North Carolina expectant mothers may be interested to know exactly what a placental abruption is. A placenta abruption occurs when the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus before the baby is delivered. This can be dangerous because the placenta is what provides nourishment to the child before it is born. There are several risk factors that can contribute to a placental abruption.

What is informed consent?

All health care providers in North Carolina and around the country must explain to their patients what their health condition is and what options are available to treat it. This gives the patient the opportunity to consent to a specific form of treatment based on detailed information. Some treatments require written consent, but others simply require oral consent.

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