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January 2015 Archives

The use of forceps during delivery

Doctors sometimes use a tool called forceps as a delivery assistance aid during vaginal deliveries in North Carolina and around the country. The tool is used to guide a baby's head through the birth canal if the mother is having difficulty pushing or the baby is in distress. Although forceps can be safely used to speed up the delivery process, there are also some potential risks to both the mother and the baby when forceps are used.

How do teratogens relate to birth defects?

A teratogen is a substance or any other factor that may lead to a birth defect. Birth defects commonly occur between the third and the eighth week of a pregnancy. Those who are pregnant in North Carolina or anywhere else are urged to avoid certain chemicals as well as drugs and alcohol while pregnant. However, there are some instances where an infection could cause a birth defect, which may be outside of the mother's control.

Teens who rest less after a concussion recover faster

On Jan. 5, it was reported teens in North Carolina and elsewhere who suffer mild concussions may recover better with less rest. In order to test this, researchers compared the severity and longevity of symptoms experienced by teens who were told to rest for five days versus those who were told to rest for only one or two days.

Avoidable injuries during childbirth

Prospective North Carolina parents may be interested in learning more about avoidable medical injuries that can occur during childbirth. A 2009 study showed that there were 4.3 million childbirths in U.S. hospitals in 2006. Since childbirth is perhaps the most common reason for being hospitalized, the odds of being injured by malpractice during the procedure may not be as insignificant as some are led to believe.

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