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February 2015 Archives

Concierge medical group loses malpractice case

Concierge medicine began in 2000, and it is available in some North Carolina cities. The largest group concierge medicine practice is MDVIP, which has about 800 physicians in 41 states. Those seeking care from MDVIP physicians pay a membership fee annually. In exchange, patients are promised quick access to their doctor and exceptional care because physicians limit their patient load to ensure adequate time for personalized care.

Cerebral hypoxia and brain injuries in North Carolina

A brain requires the constant flow of oxygen in order to function at normal levels. Depriving oxygen to the brain can result in sustained injury as well as both short and long term impairments. In general, the longer the period of oxygen deprivation, the greater the trauma to the brain. Cerebral hypoxia is a lack of oxygen to the brain and, unfortunately, it is sometimes the result of medical error or malpractice.

Legal representation for misdiagnosed cancer patients

When patients in North Carolina are diagnosed with cancer at an early stage of the disease, they have a much stronger chance of enjoying a full recovery than patients who had their disease diagnosed at a later stage. A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer could result in the disease spreading throughout the body and ultimately causing a fatal outcome.

The risks associated with a C-section delivery

A cesarean section is a surgical procedure in which the obstetrician makes incisions in the abdomen and uterus of a pregnant woman during labor to deliver her baby. There are certain risks associated with C-sections, and expecting mothers in North Carolina might want to be aware of them whether or not they plan to have one.

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