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March 2015 Archives

A judge restores monetary damages of $512,000

In March 2015, the family suing a neurosurgeon had their pain and suffering damages restored to $512,161 by a Superior Court Judge that had previously been reduced to $1 by the jury in Henderson County. Complications such as this may occur in North Carolina and around the country. The family of the now deceased woman sued the neurosurgeon for malpractice after she suffered chronic pain and other problems following the second surgery he performed.

Study finds breast tissue biopsies often misdiagnosed

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has identified a troubling trend occurring across the nation, including in North Carolina. Breast biopsy tissue is often misdiagnosed, resulting in incorrect and ineffective treatment plans. The study shows that incorrect diagnosis happens about half the time, and patients often receive treatment that is too aggressive for their true medical diagnosis. Other times, they receive a treatment plan that is not aggressive enough.

Birth trauma may lead to intra-abdominal hemorrhage

Some North Carolina parents may be interested in learning about infant intra-abdominal hemorrhage during the delivery process. This type of injury is not common, but may lead to significant blood loss. When this happens, a quick response by the medical team might avert serious complications or death.

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