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Are physicians liable for failing to diagnose cancer?

Unfortunately, too many North Carolina residents receive a cancer diagnosis each year. Cancer is a terrible illness that profoundly affects its victims and their family members. The good news is that modern medicine is more equipped than ever to offer cancer victims hope for the future with advances in treatment plans and drugs. Sometimes, cancer can even be eliminated or put into remission, returning the patient to health and vitality.

What you should know about brain injury litigation

Most North Carolina citizens who need a medical procedure expect to return home healthier and happier. It is safe to say that they do not expect to return with brain injuries. However, certain mistakes made during a medical procedure can result in injury to the brain. Common medical errors that can cause brain injury include:

What is umbilical cord prolapse?

Most of the time, childbirth is an amazing and joyous experience. However, a significant amount of birth injuries still occur in the United States. According to Birth Injury Guide, six to eight infants out of 1,000 are born with some type of birth injury. Many times these injuries occur due to pregnancy or labor complications and one of these complications involves the compression of the infant's umbilical cord. This is called umbilical cord prolapse and can be very serious.

Risk factors that can contribute to placenta previa

The condition known as placenta previa is dangerous, as the placenta can block your birth canal before your child is born. This can change depending on when the diagnosis is made; an early diagnosis is often altered as the birth canal naturally clears in time. However, a later diagnosis is more likely to remain the same, and special care may be needed.

Hospital-acquired infections and other problems in hospitals

People who go into the hospital don't usually expect to leave the hospital in worse shape than what they were when they went in. It is understandable that some people might not feel as well when they leave in some instances, such as if they had major surgery and are suffering from soreness because of the surgery. Still, hospitals are seen as places to get medical care and get healthy.

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