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November 2015 Archives

What is the main reason people sue doctors?

You hear of many different reasons to sue doctors in North Carolina, and many of the ones that are talked about the most are fairly dramatic—like a doctor amputating the wrong arm and leaving a person with a disability that will drastically impact his or her life forever. However, things like this are not the main reason lawsuits begin.

The dangers of abnormal presentation during birth

North Carolina women who grew up hearing stories of pregnancy and delivery complications from early generations might remember discussions about breech births, or abnormal presentation births. In bygone days, these complications caused pregnant women and their doctors a lot of worry. While advancements in medical care have made breech deliveries less frightening, they can still be very dangerous and can cause devastating birth injuries.

Midwifery VS hospitals: Both can lead to birth injuries

In the medical and healthcare industry, there is virtually no room for error. The birth of a baby is usually quite safe regardless of where the birth takes place. After all, women have been delivering babies since the dawn of mankind and the healthy world population proves that the human body knows how to birth a child. However, mistakes still happen and they can occur inside the safety of a hospital and in a home birth situation as well.

Child with brain injuries gets multimillion dollar award

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of an injured family member can feel wrong sometimes. It can feel like you only care about what you can get and for many, it also feels like you do not love your family member just as they are. These feelings can prevent people who have been legitimately wronged from pursuing legal action against the entities responsible for the injury.

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