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Study: Childbirth and endurance sports injuries both traumatic

Most mothers will tell you that having a child was one of the hardest things they have done to their bodies. A recent study from the University of Michigan found that childbirth caused pelvic injuries that don't heal in 15 percent of postpartum women. The damage to the pelvic region is as traumatic as the damage caused to the pelvic region by endurance sports, the researchers reported.

The researchers found that some women took eight months to heal from those injuries and kegal exercises were ineffective in some women. An MRI was used to find injuries related to childbirth, which according to researchers is how many sports injuries are found.

One doctor said that women don't talk to their gynecologist about these injuries that don't heal, even though there are surgical procedures that can repair the damage for some women. "So what can be done are things like a vaginoplasty where the muscles are re-approximated. Where the vaginal mucosa a portion of it is removed and the muscles are put back together," the doctor said. In addition, the doctor said that women need to seek help about getting their "full pre-baby body back."

While the topic may seem difficult to talk about, the extreme discomfort and long-term recovery are very real for many women. With so many other potential problems during pregnancy and labor and delivery, such as birth injuries and medical malpractice, doctors may be hesitant to speak about this postpartum issue.

If you believe that your suffered a childbirth injury because of the negligence of a doctor or the birthing staff, you may be able to seek compensation through a civil lawsuit. An attorney can provide more information about what your options are.

Source: fox59.com, "New study says childbirth is just as traumatic as sports endurance injuries," Tanae Howard, accessed Oct. 21, 2016

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