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Factors that increase the risk of injuries during birth

Even when a birth goes well and is a success, it can be difficult and painful. When the child is injured in the process, it can drastically increase the costs, the emotional trauma, and the stress of the situation. There are some factors that could indicate that it's a high-risk birth, including:

1. If the mother has never had a child before. The first birth can be the hardest.

2. If things take longer than they should. For example, the risk increases when the pregnancy passes the 42-week mark, and risks also go up if labor takes more than 24 hours.

3. On the other side of the coin, an incredibly rapid labor can also elevate the risks. There's an optimal amount of time in the middle that doctors are hoping for.

4. The size of the child plays a significant role. If the child's head is too large, it becomes more difficult to fit down the birth canal, which raises the risk of injury.

5. If the baby is facing the wrong way. The preferred direction is head first. If the shoulder or the feet are coming first, the baby or the mother could be injured, or a natural birth can prove impossible.

Sometimes, these complications lead to the need for medical intervention. For example, a doctor may attempt to extract or turn the child. This can also increase the risk level for that child.

If your baby was injured and you think a negligent doctor contributed to it, either by not taking proper action or failing to offer a high level of care, you may be able to seek financial compensation. This can help cover increased costs after birth, additional medical treatment that is needed, and more.

Source: Health Pages, "Risk Factors for Birth Injuries," Cindy Schmidler, accessed Dec. 30, 2016

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