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Woman files malpractice lawsuit over fractured leg care

In 2013, a woman from North Carolina was treated by a physician in Louisiana. She had reportedly fractured her leg and needed surgery to repair the tibia and fibula.

The woman had the surgery done and then returned to her home. The lawsuit alleges that the woman suffered severe pain and went to see doctors in North Carolina. It was there, the lawsuit claims, that the determination was made that the intramedullary rod and screws used to repair her broken bones caused her serious problems. She had to undergo many other operations due to these medical problems.

The lawsuit seeks to hold the doctor, Touro Infirmary and LAMMICO (the doctor's malpractice insurance company) liable. Specifically, the woman says that the doctor did not place the intramedullary rod correctly in the woman's leg. The complaint also states that the doctor didn't implement, follow and require the right surgical procedure.

The plaintiff wants a jury trial and is seeking more than $75,000 in damages. She is also seeking any other damages that the court feels she is entitled to.

When someone suffers from medical malpractice, he or she deserves to be compensated. The compensation can include medical expenses, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering and more.

As patients, we expect our physicians to get our medical care and treatment right. When this doesn't happen, patients can suffer debilitating injuries or illnesses or in some cases, they may die.

An attorney who is experienced in medical malpractice cases can help you understand your options, including who needs to be named as a defendant and what damages the lawsuit should pursue.

Source: The Louisiana Record, "Patient accuses doctor, Touro Infirmary of malpractice after surgery," Michael Abella, Dec. 01, 2016

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