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Gestational diabetes can be a threat to your child's health

Although the birth of a child is a gift, there is always a risk of complications that could put the child or mother's life at risk. One of those possible complications is gestational diabetes.

Most obstetric and gynecological doctors and surgeons are well-aware of the dangers of gestational diabetes and its prevalence among pregnant women. For that reason, it is important for your doctor to perform blood work and see you for regular checkups throughout your pregnancy.

If gestational diabetes is not found and treated, it can lead to dangerous complications. It's more likely that you'll go into preterm labor or develop preeclampsia. There is a higher risk for high blood pressure and a potential for your child to need extra care following birth.

Babies who are born to a mother with gestational diabetes tend to be larger than average, which means there's a risk that your child could get stuck in the birth canal. Larger babies also tend to be delivered through c-sections, which poses its own risks.

Although most women who develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy no longer have diabetes following pregnancy, not treating it and simply having it can put you at a higher risk of developing diabetes.

If you feel excessive thirst, struggle with feeling nauseated or tired, have blurred vision or go to the bathroom more than normal, tell your doctor. He or she should take an exam and order tests to make sure you are healthy. If gestational diabetes is discovered, you may need to be treated with insulin or with other treatment options.

If you or your child is hurt because you had unchecked gestational diabetes or a doctor who did not monitor you, you have rights. Your attorney may be able to help. Our website has more on what you can do.

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