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What are some early signs of birth complicataions?

Many of the signs of birth complications aren't really unusual for a pregnant woman to have. In fact, many of these signs can be easily overlooked because they can appear at any time during the pregnancy.

However, some of these signs can indicate potentially serious complications, so it is very important that a pregnant woman speak to her health care provider about them. He or she is in the best position to evaluate the sign and determine if there is something wrong or if further evaluation is needed.

These seven signs can indicate early in a pregnancy that a complication may be present.

1. Bleeding: Any bleeding during a pregnancy should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible. It can indicate placenta previa, placental abruption or preterm labor. All of these complications can be extremely serious.

2. Any kind of pain: Pregnancy isn't all that comfortable for many woman, but pain of any kind should be reported to your doctor. It could be that it is nothing related to the pregnancy, but it could also indicate an ectopic pregnancy.

3. Weight gain that is unexpected or unexplainable: Rapid weight gain can indicate an issue with your blood pressure, so your doctor needs to be informed of it right away.

4. Arm and leg swelling: This can be linked to a pregnancy complication known as preeclampsia. Let your doctor know if your body is retaining water.

5. Changes in the movements of the baby: You will know if the baby seems to be moving differently. One way to measure a baby's movements is with kick counts. If you still are concerned with how your baby is moving, speak to your doctor as this could be a sign that your baby is not growing as he or she is supposed to be.

6. Pain in your calf: Pain and swelling in your calf can be a sign of a blood clot and pregnant woman have a higher risk of blood clots than women who are not pregnant.

7. Increased thirst and urination: While both of these are normal during pregnancy, they can also be signs of gestational diabetes. This must be treated as soon as possible, so let your doctor know if you are more thirsty than normal or if you are making more trips than usual to the bathroom.

Source: romper.com, "9 Subtle, Early Signs Of Birth Complications That You Shouldn't Ignore," Lauren Schumacker, May 31, 2017

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