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Who pays the bills when insurance doesn't?

Having a baby is expensive. Even when there are no complications and medical insurance is in effect, there are still usually thousands of dollars to be paid. What happens, though, when pregnancy complications and birth injuries ring up a hospital bill of $173,000?

For one veteran and his wife, it meant considering filing bankruptcy. Before the baby was even born, the parents had to pay for hundreds of dollars of medication to prevent a miscarriage. Then their baby girl was born four weeks early and the mother suffered complications after having a c-section.

The father's insurance through work simply wasn't going to be enough, so he found a new job, bought COBRA insurance and thought his new insurance would handle the rest. It didn't turn out that way.

The baby required admittance to the neonatal intensive care unit. The couple didn't hear anything from the insurance company, so for the first two months after their baby's birth, they assumed everything was fine. However, then they received a bill for $173,000. The mother's portion -- $8,000 -- was covered. The baby's wasn't. Why? Because the baby was not added to the policy within 30 days of her birth.

Appeals to the insurance company were denied. Fundraisers helped in limited amounts, but not nearly enough to pay off that massive bill. Bankruptcy may be their only option.

This incident should serve as a warning to those who suffer pregnancy-related injuries or birth injuries due to medical malpractice, too. Even though the couple did not suffer from inadequate care according to the news story, bills can still mount for those who suffered due to a doctor's negligence. How do you deal with these bills while you are waiting to go to civil court to file a claim against the doctor, the medical staff and the hospital?

An experienced attorney with knowledge about medical malpractice can help you learn more about your legal options if your family is suddenly hit with birth injuries and non-stop bills from the hospital. You shouldn't have to fight to save your credit, your home or any other part of your finances because of a doctor's ineptitude.

Source: Mommish.com, "Pregnancy and Birth Complications May Force Parents to Declare Bankruptcy," Heather Spohr, accessed June 16, 2017

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