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Patients should vet their doctors before seeing them

Did you know that between 2013 and 2015, there have been around 300 physician assistants and doctors in North Carolina that have faced some sort of disciplinary action by the state medical board?

The most common issues dealt with the health of patients, such as not meeting the accepted standard of care and unprofessional conduct. Other issues involve problems with communicating with patients, prescription medications and medical records. Criminal matters only make up a small portion of the cases the medical board reviews.

The medical board wants patients to start vetting their doctors. This can help them narrow down the list of possible providers by removing those who have had an action taken by the board. In fact, the medical board is working on a campaign to let people know where to look for such information. At the website ncmedicalboard.org, people can see the standing of a doctor's license, whether he or she has criminal convictions, if any actions have been taken by other states and more.

The medical board does not always make their actions against physicians public knowledge. They only make their actions public if they feel that the public needs to know about them.

If you feel that you have suffered because of a doctor's negligent actions, you may have a case for seeking compensation. These cases can be very complex and often require the testimony of expert witnesses. The Melvin Law Firm, P.A., has access to a variety of expert witnesses to help clients in their quest for compensation. To learn more about how we can help, please visit our web pages today.

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