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Birth injury lawsuit results in $42 million verdict

On 2012, a baby was delivered at Chambersburg Hospital by an obstetrician for Keyston Women's Health Center. The center is a federally-supported facility. According to a lawsuit filed against the federal government, the doctor used forceps to deliver the baby boy, even though neither the mother nor the boy were in any distress.

The difference between a subdural hematoma and a cephalohematoma

In many ways, a subdural hematoma and a cephalohematoma are similar, which is why people sometimes confuse one for the other. It's important to note the difference, though, because it can have a drastic impact on the seriousness of the injury. On top of that, a subdural hematoma is not as common as a cephalohematoma.

Study: Childbirth and endurance sports injuries both traumatic

Most mothers will tell you that having a child was one of the hardest things they have done to their bodies. A recent study from the University of Michigan found that childbirth caused pelvic injuries that don't heal in 15 percent of postpartum women. The damage to the pelvic region is as traumatic as the damage caused to the pelvic region by endurance sports, the researchers reported.

Are doctors missing injuries to women during childbirth?

Childbirth is a wondrous feat, but it can be brutal on a woman's body. During a vaginal birth, a woman can experience a crack in her pelvic bone, torn muscles or tissues and a laundry list of other painful and sometimes embarrassing injuries. These are often undiagnosed and untreated by gynecologists and can have a profound effect on a woman's life.

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