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A 20-year Army veteran dies of suspected medicine overdose

A 20-year Army veteran and his family had not even been able to welcome moving trucks to their Ashville area home when he came down with what is suspected to have been the flu. His illness led the couple to take what was less than a one-mile trip down to the local VA hospital in the hope of confirming the man's self-diagnosis.

Technology helps doctors, but also distracts

Doctors have raved about advances in mobile computing technology, saying it helps them on the job. One doctor said he loved using a tablet because it meant he could be right at the patient's bed, doing everything he used to have to do on the desktop computer in his office. It made the process easier and even gave him some new options.

4 preventable medical mistakes you should know about

When you visit a doctor or hospital, you expect to receive timely care that addresses your medical condition. However, a 2013 report in the Journal of Patient Safety states that there are 210,000 to 400,000 people killed in hospitals each year due to preventable safety failures.

Is a geriatric emergency room coming near you?

If you have ever been in an emergency room in a big city, you know how hectic it can be. There are paramedics bringing accident, overdose or gunshot victims, doctors and nurses are rushing quickly up and down the hallways and machines seem to always be making some sort of noise. When the emergency room is packed, it can seem like a war zone, according to one physician assistant at Mount Sinai Hospital emergency room.

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